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I got some pictures from a couple of the parents. Our little soccer stars looks great!

Thanks, Greg and Julie!


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We had a great start today! Here are the schedule for the rest of the season.

Date     Time     Field     Snacks       Drinks

  • 4/11 10:00 Field 1 Julie Baker Julie Baker
  • 4/18 9:00 Field 1 Adriana Inman Adriana I.
  • 4/25 11:00 Field 1  Greg Mitchell   Greg M.
  • 5/2 11:00 Field 1     Michael R.     Michael R.
  • 5/9 10:00 Field 1    Julie M.          Julie M.
  • 5/16 12:45 YMCA    Mellisa             Mellisa
  • 5/23 10:00 Field 1     Tonya            Angela

Like Julie metioned in the email, we will let parent to buy the numbers and DIY for your kids on the team shirt.

If any parent want to bring Snacks and/or drinks for some training day, please post it by adding a comment and I will keep this post updated.

Thanks everyone, we had a great day.

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This year we have 13 kids in our team and I myself and Greg Mitchell are the coaches for this team.

I am a soccer fan, a player, and a USSF soccer ref for many years. This is my first year to be a soccer coach. Greg has been a basketball coach for 5 years and he has lots of experiences to coach young athlete. 

Here are the to-do list before your kids show up the first day.

  •  Buy a pair of Shin Guard. Safety is No. 1. To protect your kids, go to WalMart or soccer shops to buy it before showing up on field.
  •  Get a soccer ball for the kids. 4-5 years old kids can kick a ball very well, a Size 3 ball is used for their age.
  •  Get a pair of soccer shoe. No metal parts, find a right sized shoe, the bigger, the worse.
  •  First game day: this Saturday — April 4, at 10:oo AM. Location:   6116 Morris Road, Hamilton, Ohio 45011, Fire Department, besides North  Elementary School. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the first training and first game. 

Here are coaches’ to-do list:

  •  We will distribute this season’s game schedule, picture of the day notice and Parent Code of Ethics documents on the first game day.
  •  We need to decide if we’d like to print the kids’ favorite number on their team T-shirts.
  •  We will bring as much training equipments as we can find to the field to help kids start their first game.
  •  We will answer any question you have and talk about anything you want to discuss.
  •  We will post more interesting Soccer rules, activities and on-line schedules later on.   

If you have any question, feel free to reach me at 256-2149 or email me mren2006@gmail.com, you can reach Greg at 218-3942, or email him gmitchell008@cinci.rr.com

The last important thing: in case of inclement weather, please follow the instruction to get the game cancellation information in the morning of every game day:

Go to www.gmvymca.org/eastbutler/, click on the Big “MEMBER HOT BUTTON” at the right bottom, search Soccer Game for the latest announcement.

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