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Here are some web sites I know that is developed by using sharepoint – A note for myself and some local guys for local business brand. It is nice to surf through the sites and “Guess” what the architects and design is at the backend.





Lots P&G’s web sites are designed and developed through sharepoint, you can see how amazing sharepoint could do to customize a real world web site — they do not look like a sharepoint site.

However, there is a major problem for most of the sharepoint works: people prefer to use its powerful tools to customize the looks and feels on the front end UI, develop new master pages, application pages, Web parts and ADO.NET/Web Services, which needs lots of development efforts, rather than implement the rich features to enhance the usage experiences and functionalities what sharepoint can bring to the users and business workflow process. A lots of programming work are still bound with a regular ASP.NET architecture and design, instead of using the features, event receiver, work-flows, content types, site definitions, site pages features to enhance the power of sharepoint itself.

Sharepoint can do more… Most import thing is: understand sharepoint, then use sharepoint to help improve business with efforts to maxmize the MOSS power and features.


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Recently I went through one of the most important topic about sharepoint – the patterns and practice – called SPG in Microsoft.

This is a very unique collection about the best practice from worldwide experts to discuss how to plan, design, architect, implement, develop, test and deploy sharepoint solution in a sharepiont and .Net environment. Most of the concept links to MSDN articles and topics. You can download a full version of solution projects and Guides to start the explore, from here: http://microsoft.com/spg.

So far, not all the sharepiont topics are covered. This SPG is still under construction.. It provideS the solution architects and developers a very good walk through sample project about how to design and develop a life cycle solution using VS2008 and VSeWSS extensions tools. What I like the most is that it provides architecture level decision rules and best practice to explain what, how and why we should choose some perticular sharepoint technologies with the solution, like site definition vs. site template, site definition vs. feature, work-flow vs. event receiver, sharepoint list vs. Database tables, etc…

It helps both experienced and non-experienced sharepoint decision makers to make architecture decisons and development choices. I picked this as my first place to go with whenever I need reference and guidance from the microsoft sources.

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