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For a developer who is new to the sharepoint world, the very first question usually is: Where I should start with?

Well, being got confused is normal because sharepoint has so many new concepts and topics, the first time when you take a look at the sharepoint programming, you just got lost – it looks like they are coming from everywhere… For a new sharepoint developer, how do you know that you are ready for a new start:

Well, to get starting quickly, you should already:

  • know how to do coding with .Net, understand most part of asp.net 2.0 concepts and have some developing experience
  • used IIS6.0/7.0
  • feel comfortable working with SQL server

Then you are ready for new challenges. But, How to start?

For a programmer whose job is to do a regular sharepoint development, book N0.3 in my book list is a very good one to start with. However, if you are a very deep APS.NET software engineer/Architect, I recommend reading Book No.2 — it is the best book for a sharepoint developer, going very deep to explain how WSS works. BTW, book No. 4 is the continued book of Book No.2, it is a perticular one for sharepoint(MOSS) development, which is based on WSS framework, but extends to Search, excel service, BDC, and open Xml source programming.

  • A working sharepoint environment: Build your own Virtual Machine if possible. Without practice, you won’t learn too much from a book. The fastest and best way to learn sharepoint is: practice, and….., more practice. The books mentioned are all come with real code samples for download, complie them and deploy them, you will have lots of fun to understand why sharepoint is a great technology.
  • A good guide. Starting with a best practice guide saves lots of time and help you learn better. This is abosloutely true. Check out microsoft’s patterns and practive site: www.microsoft.com/spg, it worths any developers spending lots of time on it, because it tells you which way is the right way to develop with sharepoint.
  • A good community: it could be a newsgroup on line, a local sharepoint community, a professional blog, or a good Microsoft sharepoint site you like. There are so many resources you can reach, they are all about sharepoint, Do not be getting lost in the Internet world… Microsoft has a developer center for sharepoint you can focus on… It is very important to get such a feeling that you are not in a learning island alone, especially at the very beginning,  having so many new concepts and topics surrounding you…

So, isn’t it easy… with A book, a moss box, a guide and a group, you are on the way to build up a solid sharepoint development world.


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